8 Amazing Features of the 2021 Buick Envision

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There are unique features you’ll love when you drive the 2021 Buick Envision. This compact SUV offers some great style, advanced technology, and a powerful engine that offers a spectacular experience on the road.

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8 Amazing Features of the 2021 Buick Envision

1. Enhanced Cruise Control

Enjoy the smooth ride of your 2021 Envision with the Adaptive Cruise Control feature. Your vehicle will adjust to follow the next car ahead, so you won’t need to accelerate and brake constantly. This feature gives you the confidence to stay in control while your Buick adjusts automatically.  

2. Improve Safety with HD Surround Vision

Improve your safety and ease into parking with the HD Surround Vision. This feature provides access to multiple cameras to display views from the front, side, and rear areas, including the Rear Vision Camera. You can easily avoid stationary objects and use this technology to maneuver around parking spaces at low driving speeds.

3. Automatic Parking Assist

This feature gives you the assistance to unpark your car after parallel parking while you shift gears as required. You can use this feature to locate a parking space that is either perpendicular or parallel. This option gives you better control so that you can align your car effortlessly.

4. Excellent Exterior Features

You’ll love the lower, wider frame of the 2021 Envision, with a stylish wing-shaped design and modern contours for a stunning appearance. You can customize your exterior with premium LED headlamps, a custom selection of tires sized 18 and 20-inch with personalized style, and bold colors with sports-inspired decal to make a stunning impression.

5. The Ultimate Interior

Enjoy the ultimate craftsmanship interior and delicate touches to create a luxurious experience on the road. You’ll enjoy the QuietTuning to improve customized seat comfort and Active Noise Cancellation to reduce or block unwanted sounds. Many other great benefits and options for your Buick include a driver massaging seat, impressive cargo space, and an in-vehicle air ionizer.

6. Driver-Focused Instrument Panel

You’ll have everything you need within close reach with the 2021 Envision’s excellent panel of controls, including the Electronic Precision shift, infotainment screen, and instrumental panel for all your driving commands.  

7. Top-notch Technology

Experience the best technology with easy connection to third-party apps, Amazon Alexa Built-in, a signature home screen that you customize with your driver profile and preferences. You’ll have access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless charging for your smartphone, and a reliable 4G LTE wireless connection. Stay fully connected during all your regular commuting travels and long-distance road trips.

8. A Powerful Engine

Enjoy the best of fuel efficiency and Powertrain technology with the 2.0L Turbo ECOTEC engine. This fantastic engine offers an EPA-estimated mpg rating of 22-24 in the city and 29-31 on the highway.

You’ll find the best in comfort, safety, and technology when you cruise in the 2021 Envision. Come see us at Earnhardt Buick GMC Las Vegas and inquire about our showroom deals and incredible inventory on your next visit.
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