Plan Your Trip: 5 Things to Know About Visiting Red Rock Canyon

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Whether you’re a local to Las Vegas, NV or just passing through the area, a trip to the Red Rock Canyon is the perfect way to spend your afternoon. Bask in the wonder of the canyon, get your steps in, and explore nature at its finest. We’ve compiled a list of the most essential things to know and remember, so read on to outline your trip’s itinerary.

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Plan Your Trip: 5 Things to Know About Visiting Red Rock Canyon

1. Pay Your Fees

Admission to the canyon grounds isn’t free, and it’s important that you plan ahead and have the correct amount of cash for your ticket. Cars and trucks pay $15, motorcycles pay $10, and pedestrians on foot pay $5 per person. If you live nearby or plan on visiting the canyon frequently, we encourage you to consider purchasing a Red Rock Annual pass for admittance to the canyon specifically, or an America the Beautiful pass to get into multiple parks.

2. Enjoy a Drive

Visitors of all ages are guaranteed to enjoy the 13-mile scenic drive that winds its way through the canyon and provides travelers the oppurtunity to see it all. Scenic stops are available along the way at every elevation and specific viewpoints for the perfect picture. Be sure to note that reservations are required for timed entry on the scenic drive beginning on May 31, and visitors can register for their timeslot online.

3. Go Biking

If you’re looking to incorporate physical activity into your canyon-viewing experience while still seeing as much as possible, a bike ride is the way to go. Biking is permitted on paved roads, designated mountain bike trails, and a one-way lane on the scenic drive. However, we do have to warn bikers of loose gravel, roadside debris, falling rocks, sharp switchbacks, and other dangers that make wearing a helmet imperative for your safety.

4. Take a Hike

There’s no better way to fully immerse yourself in nature than by enjoying a walk through the canyon. The Moenkopi Loop is ideal for spotting fossils and perfect for beginners, while the Calico Tanks trail gets more difficult and leads to a secret water pocket. If you’re up for the challenge, go on the Turtlehead Peak trail for the best panoramic view of the canyon, or try the White Rock Mountain loop to gain 1,000 miles in elevation.

5. Stay the Night

Spending a night under the stars is the ideal way to end your experience in the canyon and complete your trip with relaxation in the great outdoors. Be sure to reserve your campground at least two days before your trip to guarantee your spot is saved. Also, be aware that there is no electricity, shower facilities, water hook-ups, sewage dumping, or running toilets at the campground.Now that you know a little bit more about the canyon, it’s time to plan your trip. When you’re off on your adventure, it’s essential that you have a reliable vehicle every mile of the way. Head over to Earnhardt Buick GMC Vegas to find the vehicle of your dreams!
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